Photographer Daniele Smith

Art Prints


Q: What drew you to photography initially?
So many people in my family enjoy being behind the lens I think it was just natural to pick one up and see what happens. What keeps bringing me back though is recognizing it’s a bit meditative for me, and I enjoy what comes out of that.

Q: What was your motivation behind your winning shot Sepia Setting?
It was just so beautiful, I took a picture šŸ™‚ I find that many of my projects are a reflection of what I am being present to, so if anything, that presence is my motivation.

Q: Did you have a role model when you started in Photography?
I wouldn’t say that I had any specific role model in Photography, but I am consistently inspired by others’ work …every day.

Q: Is photography a hobby or a way of life?
Creativity is certainly my way in life, with photography being just one of the avenues I express it through. As of late, I have had a lot of encouragement to take it more seriously so I am spending more time doing it. As long as I am enjoying it, it will be a part of my life. šŸ™‚

Q: Often to move forward a person must sometimes reflect on where they’ve been. Have you found support and encouragement from events or people in your past to inspire your artistic future?
Absolutely. I have found that support comes from both positive and negative experiences/people, past or present. Whenever I can, I want to use that “inspiration” to transform where I am or my work is, to what I want to create in my future. It’s an amazing tool for any Artist to make use of, and something available to all.

Q: What is your next artistic goal to conquer?
As with anything in my life, it’s to see my creative efforts improved upon over time while enjoying what I am doing.