Artist Barbara McDevitt

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Q: Based on your biography it’s easy to see your passion for art. Can you pinpoint what drove your desire to be an accomplished artist?
I can not remember when I didn’t enjoy looking at art work and wanting the ability to duplicate some of that beauty. I can still lose my breath for a moment when I come across a magnificent seascape.

Q: While it seems you learned a great deal with the Art Students League of Marblehead, what was the most important lesson you felt you learned?While studying with the Art Students League I realized the benefit of an underpainting and the value of relaxing and enjoying the entire process of creating artwork. The best pieces be it a painting or a photograph have a bit of the artist’s heart and passion in them.

Q: Did you learn it there or on your own?
When I began painting Irish scenes and themes on ancestral roofing slate from Ireland as I painted each piece and relaxed it seemed that the brush did all the work. I would simply select the paint to touch the brush to and before you knew it another pretty painting developed.

Q: What made this lesson so important? My best work I think has been at those times when the brush does the work for me. I just get lost in the process and pour my heart into it. This is also working for me with my new venture of photography. The first 2 sales I have had on Fine Art America were of photographs I took because I loved what I saw. While painting and when out with my camera it is like taking a mini-vacation to another place, another planet even.

Q: Continuing to grow as not only an individual but as an artist requires us to learn new things. What have you learned recently about yourself and about your art?
Since finding FAA I have learned that my artistic leanings are not just with paint and canvas and I might even make a dent in the art world as an accomplished photographer.

Q: Will you ever just settle on your art and say “I’ve done enough.” or do you feel you will continue to create until you are unable to physicaly?
There have been times that I didn’t pick up a brush for several months. Actually once for nearly 5 years. I doubt though I will ever entirely stop trying to produce beautiful artwork. Even in those time periods when I didn’t paint I would always see scenes that I wanted to paint, or would always mentally mix the colors in my head of what beauty I would see going about my day.

Q: You have such a passion for art, and it shows in your work, do you have an equal passion to educate and train young budding artists?
The art instruction that I do and have done in the past is very rewarding. I always enjoy watching an uncertain student learn that they too can produce a beautiful item. I am especially pleased watching youngsters dive right in without fear and being full of imagination. Some of my adult students that came to me with no painting knowledge at all have gone on to producing their own decorative work for sale at various outlets.

Q: What is the most valuable tip you can provide for the new budding artist?
Don’t be afraid. Follow your heart. It’s not brain surgery, no one will get hurt and the pleasure you get will last for a very long time.

Q: What is the next world for you to conquor?
I haven’t set that goal yet but what ever it is I will make it as much fun as possible and enjoy it to the max!