Artist Damaso Carrillo

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Q: When did you first first realize your desire to become an artist? Why?
Since childhood I liked to contemplate the pencil drawings done by my father and admired with esthusiasm some comics that were coming to my hands. Afterwards in college towards with big effort I drew the models proposed by my teachers, but I was never feeling satisfied with my works. I Probably devoted myself to painting because I have always liked the beautiful things, the good music (at this moment I am listening to Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony), the plasticity and the universal harmony.

Q: Do you remember your struggle to learn more?
I have always felt an authentic passion for knowledge, but I think that life is very short to shelter a bit of wisdom.

Q: Were you self taught or did you attend a class? ( If a class where and when did you attend? )
I realized my first studies of fine arts in the “Institution of Decorative Arts” (Madrid) in 1972; later I was graduate in the “School of Applied Arts” of my city, Tenerife (Canary Islands) in the year 1983; later I was lucky to be present at classes deprived with painters of recognized prestige.

Q: What was the most important lesson you learned? Why was it so important?
Fundamentally I learned to observe and value the daily work of my teachers, because some kind of their experience remained deposited in my knowledge and hereby, little by little, my own style was made.

Q: Do you feel you still have room to grow as an artist? If so how?
I need to learn something every day and to that end I experiment with my paintings, see videoes of other painters, study books of art, travel often abroad, visit museums, attend exhibitions, etc. etc. I receive great pleasure discovering new things because only knowledge gives liberates certification.

Q: What is the next technique you wish to master?
The skill that I have used almost always has been the watercolor, but for some time I have been alternating my time with oil paints.

Q: Do you currently have a work in progress? If so when can we expect you to share it?
In these moments I am working at an oil portrait and look to finish it within a few weeks.

Q: What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite topics are landscapes and seascapes. I sit down to painting outdoors because nature is an unlimited field for the expression of art.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer someone aspiring to become an artist?
Frankly I am not thinking about being the person very suitable to give council, but I will dare to say that attention, perseverance, and hard work are the props that can forge a future artist.