Name: Yes, 3 to be exact, 1 first 1 middle and 1 last
Occupation: None at the moment
A bit about me:

I served in the USMC straight out of high school and was discharged early for medical reasons. Since then I found a career as a computer technician and worked for wonderful companies, Intel, Dell, and State Farm to name a few. Through out all that time I felt like something was missing. I found my current soul mate in August of 2000 and couldn’t be happier. Medical problems have elevated to a point along with current circumstances that have left me unemployed and able to follow my desires in photography and art. I have a strong creative love and desire to just be me and create. If my jokes or something I post offends you I apologize however will not stop being me. PS. If you couldn’t tell I have a sense of humor and can occassionally be a smart aleck.