Project Perched: Masking

It’s been a long time in the works.  I finally completed the second video tutorial covering masking in Gimp 2.8 with Gimp for my photo project gimp.  Masking is so important and yet so under used.  I know I for one never considered the full impact and flexibility masking gives us.  If used properly masking is and can be one of the most powerful and critical tools out there.  Masking allows us to isolate individual parts of an image and focus our development on what we want that specific section to look like.

For my Perched photograph it was easy to see.  I want the bird and his perch to be the primary focus and the background to to blend together and kinda fade away into darkness.  Thus I used one mask for this task.  The bird vs the background.  The next and final video of the trilogy will add one more mask.  That mask will fix the birds eye as the detail of it has been lost through the few steps we’ve taken.  It also shows why working of .xcf files and keeping layers is a good idea.  If I had flattened my image at every step I would have to start over from the beginning.  Now let’s imagine I overwrote my original, I’d really be up a creak without a paddle.  Well I hope you enjoy the video. Please comment and critique I’m always open and looking for improvement so abuse me I’m asking for it. 😉

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