Peched: Basic Photo Development Tutorial

originalHere is the first of hopefully many examples of my process.  Perched Photograph here actually went through 3 different steps before I was satisfied with the end result.  The steps were: Basic Photo Development, Masking, and Sharpening with Unsharp Mask.  This post as the title implies focus’s on the basic development.  The video below does have some time lapsed elements.  I tend to tweak almost compulsively until I get exactly what I’m looking for. Sometimes it takes minutes others it can take considerably longer even to hours. I will be adding to the playlist the final two videos as I complete editing and narrating them. Please be honest with your critique. I want to provide you with the developedbest videos possible.  As you will see with the video it is very easy to go from the perched bird top left to the the version on the right.  This is how I start almost all of my photo development projects.  It is just that, a starting point.  Usually by the time I complete this step I know where I want to go next with the photograph and then follow down that path.  This photograph told me the next thing I wanted to do was isolate the development around the bird and it’s perch from that of the background.  This requires a mask, that’s just the teaser for the next perched video on it’s way.  By the way video is easier to see detail in full screen mode.

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