Grrr technical hiccups

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone back over my blog, many of you know that there are gaps when I’m just not able to post, well during this last gap, at some point my photos on pages and posts are not showing up as they should.  I had to covert to a new theme. It’s just been frustrating.  I will have to correct these issues one page at a time.  As I do so I will also add new content.  I’m essentially starting anew.  It started with the new banner above, made entirely with gimp.  It’s merely the beginning.  I’m starting to get a better handle on pain management and have started following some new blogs and people and will be sharing what I learn as we go along.  Please be patient with me but know that I am back and my photos and portfolios will be returning.  I will try to keep the old pages and posts where they are for all of your bookmarks.  If frustration were gold I think we’d all be rich.  šŸ™‚ One of the cons of technology, on the bright side all my photos are safe and easy to restore it will just be a bit time consuming.  

Look at it as if the prints were lost in a fire and the negatives just have to be dug out of the vault and re developed.  Which for me is a good thing as I know I’ve learned a considerable amount more about development than I knew at the beginning.

Read a great article Another Lost Roll! Trevor Saylor by Trevor Saylor.  I think I will be enjoying his work and his blog.  There is something we can all learn if we just listen.  It would appear Mr. Saylor is an accomplished pro photographer with outstanding equipment.  In this article he discusses how much he loves the film medium and some of the pros and cons of digital.  I must agree with him on all aspects.  I know the my technical camera use and knowledge is limited as is my ability to just go outside and shoot.  I don’t agree with his view point on digital development.  Digital development can take minutes or seconds, but I really don’t feel a true photograph can be developed in that short amount of time.  A photographer will care about the work they are developing, and as they sweated over chemicals in a dark room in days of yore, they should be sweating over computer and screen now.  Just because the tools are digital and the process a bit different it does not take away the creativity, the visions, the pride and joy of becoming a servant to that creative person with in.  There are photographs that take me over a day to develop, it is rare that I spend less time on a photograph than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

When I look at one of my photographs, I dig until I find the story then it becomes an issue, for me on the best way to share that story or adventure.  How can I convey the emotions I see and feel to all of you.  Am I always successful, absolutely not. I am and always will continue to learn.  I have the oppertunity to revisit the stories of my past and bring them to a new light.  As I do I will be sharing them with you and the steps and process I go through.  

Sharing what I do is my way of helping others whom may be struggling with a digital world.  Just because I share my technique it will never replace my visions, judgements or views.  What I strive to create, as with all of us will stay unique to who I am.  I will have that first photo redevelop up before long.  I will continue to work on restoring what I had in the past so that we have that refernce point to see where I have perhaps learned a bit more.

Go check out  Trevor Saylor.  I know I will be following his work.

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