Long Dry Spell

First I would like to apologize to everyone whom follows this blog and me on the various social medias that I  link to.  It has been a long dry spell for my creativity and ability to do anything.  In the past two months I have had over six doctor appointments with over fourteen hours of driving to and from such appointments.  I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  These diseases have kept me well on my back and not feeling well enough to accomplish much, if anything.  I have just started a new medication that my help me sleep better hopefully reducing the pain and fatigue.  I woke this morning a little groggy buy relatively low on the pain and have enough energy to hopefully get a few things accomplished.

This winter, brutal on me as it was, allowed me to be introduced to some new software and development techniques.  Primarily focusing on portraits and I must say the results have exceeded my expectations.  A gracious volunteer nearby allowed me to use her face as an example of what I’ve learned and am now able to do.

[singlepic id=277 w=220 float=center]  [singlepic id=278 w=220 float=center]

As you can see by the two images above I was able to make the subject look more model like.  Many fine lines, wrinkles, and spots have been removed.  The skin is smooth and almost imperfection free.  There are some imperfections that distinguish people, a beauty mark a mole and so forth.  While the new photo seems a bit lighter I will develop it as I would any landscape to bring back the vibrant feel and contrast.  A simple contrast adjustment and a bit of focus blur effect added and we now have a photo ready for print.

[singlepic id=279 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I am looking for a few volunteers to send me some photos they would like reworked.  Due to a possible volume issue I have to request no more than three photos per person.  If you are interested reply to this post and we will work out the details.  I request that I be allowed to use the photos as examples as I did the lady above.  No personal information will be displayed unless requested by the subject.  The photos will not be sold or used in any publication by me.  Once completed I will send the full size image back the original person.  No nudes will be processed.  This offer is limited until I perfect my technique enough to start making a living off of it.

I am also researching and learning technique to restore older photographs, but that is a topic for another day.  I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and look forward to being back again soon.



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