Time For A Rest

Today I decided to take a rest to recoup, inspire, and search within. I know it may sound religious or enlightening and I don’t really know if that is it. I just need to breathe today. I came across this inspirational and it really fit my mood for the day. It’s true Psalm 118:24 hits home I am glad for everyday I have on this earth. Though somedays, are a struggle I just keep working through it the best I can and revel in the moment.

I reflect upon all that has been and dream of what could be but love what is. It may sound odd that a man with RA among other things who on most days is confined indoors loves his life, well I do. I’m surrounded by good friends and loved ones. I know that they feel the pain I have though I talk not of it. It’s a burden we both quietly carry and whether they know how much I appreciate them or not I may never know. That in part is the reason for this post. I am tired today as I often can be and will struggle just to accomplish what needs to be done.

I receive no complaints or scoldings, a simple, silent understanding that I am doing the best I can. Yet through all this I am and will be eternally grateful for the path I’ve taken to get here and wherever it may take me tomorrow. For all that I have paid on the path I know others have suffered tenfold. I pray others can find the bliss that softens the harsh realities of each day that I have found, and I pray tomorrow will bring new enlightenment for all.

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