Photograph Review: Psalm 93:4 by cdreamgirl

Today’s review is of card I stumbled across in Pinterest.  It caught my attention and felt it would be great for today’s review.  It’s entitled Psalm 93:4 by cdreamgirl and takes does a good job of depicting the crashing of waves.



Let’s start with what there is to like about this photograph.  The waters and the infinite and awe inspiring power and strength is something that is always a breath taking sight.  When  a sunset or sunrise is added it can really make the difference of a lifetime.  This has both of those qualities and while the composition is good the overall affect falls a tad short for me.  Don’t get me wrong I love the message and the idea just feel the photograph may not have been developed to it’s full potential.  It seems a bit dark and flat.  I believe a development in gimp with level and curves adjustment as in the basic photo development in Gimp tutorial would help.  Or with Sagelight quick edit and the default auto levels and color adjustment they apply when a photo is loaded would resolve that issue.

To take this photo a step further I challenge Cdreamgirl to try this shot again, with a slower shutter speed, the longer the better ideally over 1 to 2 sec’s, 30 sec’s or longer with SLR, use a tripod and be sure to adjust your f-stop appropriately and use a circular polarizing or neutral density filter if necessary to keep the photo from getting too light..  This will give a softer shot with more spray merging to give that fog like affect and will provide a lighter, almost holy look to it.  Another direction would be to reduce the shutter speed even further I’d have to say no slower than 1/200 sec, preferably 1/400.  This will ensure the freezing of all the spray and waves.  At that speed may need to adjust to a higher ISO to compensate for the darkening affect perhaps ISO 800 or higher.  If the camera permits.  With modern digital camera’s and the megapixel being so high a good quality card could be created without all the noise that a high ISO typically generates.  Passing the image through Gimp Wavelet DeNoise or there noise removal software could be an additional option if larger print sizes are desired.

All in all I enjoy the shot, composition, and concept and feel that Cdreamgirl is definatley on the right track.  The shot shows a natural talent for composition, I just feel the technical aspect of shooting and perhaps development need a bit more work.  Well as I try to say as often as possible don’t worry about what other people say focus on what makes you happy as a photographer.  I look forward to seeing more of Cdreamgirl’s work and watching her develop and continue to grow as a photographer.


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