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Otterly Adorable Postcard


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Photograph Revisit: 2006 Otterly Adorable

Sometimes taking that trip down memory lane will bring to shots that surprise you.  Either better or worse than you remember.  I came across a shot that I thought might have potential if developed well and sure enough it made … Continue reading

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Time For A Rest

Today I decided to take a rest to recoup, inspire, and search within. I know it may sound religious or enlightening and I don’t really know if that is it. I just need to breathe today. I came across this … Continue reading

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Photo Revisit: 2006 Tropical Bird

I had little choice but to revisit my older photos, mostly to put Sagelight to the test.  I found it’s color noise removal tool very helpful for this tropical bird photograph I took in 2006 at our local zoo with … Continue reading

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Photograph Review: Psalm 93:4 by cdreamgirl

Today’s review is of card I stumbled across in Pinterest.  It caught my attention and felt it would be great for today’s review.  It’s entitled Psalm 93:4 by cdreamgirl and takes does a good job of depicting the crashing of … Continue reading

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