It’s All About Family : Mug Series

One of the things that I find more appealing than anything else on earth is family.  Everyone has one, some have more than they want while others have less.  What I find sad and disconcerting is that those who have it tend to take it for granted.  The expression, “You never know what you had until it’s gone”, comes to mind.  As a nation and perhaps a world we seam to be so focused on the day to day rush that we overlook what is important and what is right in front of us, our families.  I am always on the lookout for that subtle reminder to pick up a phone or go and visit someone whom is not only important to us but has helped to shape us into who we are, family.  I have made the following designs with what I feel are appropriate descriptions for each member.  I hope it helps to bring the focus back to where it belongs in the hearts and minds of families.

The core unit of all that walk this planet starts in one unit, a family unit and only through growth, actions, and consequences do we grow as individuals.  As a parent we need to insure that we provide the right message and appropriate reactions at the given time.  It’s not always easy to accomplish but it must be done.  The harder we work to correct socially inept behavior and influences the more our children will grow and recognize what we have done.  I remember my punishments as a child and must say I recall how much I learned through adequate, consistent discipline. Take the time to listen to our children and hear not only what they say but what they don’t. For it is more often those hidden subtexts that surprise us in sometimes devastating and scary ways.

Well I’ve rambled enough here are the designs I mentioned. Please let me know if you like these designs and if there is anything you would suggest I am all ears.  I live for critique, both good and bad, don’t be afraid I don’t scare or bruise easily. 🙂

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