Photograph Review: Palouse Sunset by LongHN Photo

I love a good photograph, especially when it’s one as elegant as this without being over done. LongHN Photo was able to capture this scene and develop it to a point of excellence. It has an artistic beauty that is rarely seen and a comfortable feel and inviting depth that just draws me in. From the crisp detail of the foreground to the subtle grace of the rainbow in the background, everything in this photo just works and it works well.

Palouse Sunset

This photo truley deserves my highest praise the depth of field was well achieved and shows not only a practiced hand but one that took ample time it putting this piece together. I can never express enough that the amount of work used to study, prepare, shoot, develop each shot shows in the end result. For some people a few of those steps may come natural for most of us it takes work, time, patience, and many failures. I truly feel this piece far exceeds anything I have ever dreamt of being able to accomplish and should my health turn around will inspire me to work that much harder.

The imagination used within the development of this work truly ranks up there with the best I’ve seen. It shows the art of digital truly can be one that is every bit as stunning as any other medium out there. I look forward to seeing more work from LongHN and will have to revisit his page often. It just goes to show that hard work is well worth the effort.

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