Photograph Review: Wilderness by Kathy Rinker Photos

Today’s review is of a photograph that is stunning in many ways, from the stunning landscape to the vibrant sky. Looking at this photo I can fill the cool mountain breeze the warmth of a fleece jacket and fill the fishing pole in my hands. It’s a photograph that really brings to life almost all your senses. When you read that it’s an Alaskan River running through the mountain’s it only aides to the filling of a bitter cold morning fishing on the river.

What I like about this photograph is practically everything. I love the composition of the winding river with the barren riverbanks and a pine tree line set back a little ways. I also enjoy the light rain clouds over the entire scene. The focus for this scene is ideal win every way. The shutter speed was ideally set to capture the rapids and river perfectly. The only thing I’d don’t like about this entire set of it is a lack of a good description. While it does convey the location of the photograph it leaves a lot to be desired. A photograph this entertaining certainly needs a fitting an equally entertaining description.

Far too often a photographer will hesitate to put their personal feelings in the description of their photograph and that makes it more clinical than personal. While this photograph is more than worthwhile of adding to any collection it is less likely to be seen by random viewers due to the lack of a good description. A good description in combination with relevant keywords will easily enhanced traffic to the photo. All being said this is in no favorite photograph for me and I look forward to seeing more from this photographer.

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