In Loving Memory…

Beginning of August 2011 we lost a great member of our family, Magnum.  Among other things he was a great companion and friend and he was full of life.  When the loss of a family member occurs it’s only natural for us to remember and morn in our own way. Magnum was a terrific cat and companion and left us far before his time. He had a personality that is hard to beat, and as you can tell by his expression, we were more his pet than him ours.  I only hope that where ever he is gone he is loved as much as he was on this earth. May his spirit keep him on the hunt and prowling the afterlife.

This memorial piece for him though a year later is a combination of photography and digital art.  It’s a blend that I felt was very befitting his memory.  As I have no doubt he is watched over now as we once watched over him.  Enjoy this memorial

[singlepic id=264 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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