Gimp Tutorial: Basic Photo Development

As I mentioned yesterday one of my goals was to reproduce the basic photo developments video. I completed the video this morning and feel it is more clear, easy to understand and follow. The photograph used in this tutorial is one I took of our discus, Sun, and there were certain challenges in obtaining the shot by itself. Shooting through a glass, as many of you know can be very challenging. You often received glare, reflection, shadows, and other artifacts that can render a good shot otherwise unusable.


Original Image


Final Image


Using the right filter, and other techniques can really enhance your overall experience. The best filter for shooting through a glass is a circular polarizer. Other things you can do is to avoid using the flash, and by shooting at an angle. When trying to photograph through glass straight on, especially if you’re using a flash, you will see the flash and possibly your reflection. Approaching at an angle minimizes the possibility of these problems. Here is the video Please let me know what you think.


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