Photograph Review: Passing Hibiscus

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. It’s been a long dry summer and many distractions have taken my attention away from things that really matter. Today I encountered a photojournalist that reminded me how excited I get when talking about photography and reviewing photos. Sometimes we get so lost in what we’re doing that we truly tend to forget about our hobbies and joys. For me it was a great reminder to take a step back and smell the roses, or more accurately the prints.

One of the things on my todo list is to create a better photo development with Gimp tutorial. This tutorial will be cleaned up, easier to understand, and be easier to view and follow. As I am unable to pay for the larger uploads I may have to break it into a series of 15 minute videos. Once I am able to afford larger uploads I will combine the videos into one large tutorial. My goal for the tutorial is to keep it simple, while being as detailed as possible to help even the most novice with photo development.


With all this being said let’s get on with today’s photography review, Passing Hibiscus Print. The simplicity of black and white photography should never be underestimated. It provides within it self an elegant beauty that color just can’t convey. The story of this withered flower is one that touches my heart and helps remind me that above all else we are all mortal and will die. The composition is good and the focus is fair. Some parts of this flower are blurred out unnecessarily. A simple dark colored bord or card could’ve been used if to isolate the flower from the backdrop, thus allowing the use of a higher F stop to reduce the depth of field. This would allow the entire flower to be in focus and the background would continue to be simply out of focus. In a situation like this if you wish to have a background I would suggest taking two shots. One focusing on a flower with an all color poster board or card with an off color to isolate the flower. By choosing the color that is not in the flower or foliage you wish to capture it allows you to put anything you want as a background in the digital post process. It’s almost like creating your own green screen. You can select the color and essentially replace it with any background you choose. Using the other shot to focus on the background foliage would give you an opportunity to reintroduce it and blur it for the desired depth of field. All in all its a good shot and one I enjoyed looking at great job and I look forward to seeing more from this artist in the future.

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