Photograph review: Zebra Long Wing Butterfly By Ruth Jolly

Today’s photo review is a stunning shot of a zebra long wing butterfly by Ruth Jolly.  This composition has great depth, focus, and framing.


What I love about this photograph is the way the subject stands out.  The depth of field is clear enough to bring our focus straight to the zebra long wing butterfly.  The color contrast between the butterfly and the background really helps the pop.  The clear detail and focus on the zebra long wing butterfly truly is stunning.  Everything about this photograph from the crop to the depth of field cannot have turned out better.

Notice how the focus on the butterfly is perfect.  Everything from the antennae and leggs to the detailed wings and body are crisp and clear.  With the exception of the leaf this zebra long wing butterfly sits on all other background elements are out of focus and fuzzy.  This is a perfect example of how the depth of field is properly used.

I would have to rate this photograph a five out of five.  With the exception of the description everything about this photograph is perfect.  The description while providing us with a few keywords again lacks sustenance.  Based on the description I only see five keywords.

The first thing I do when attempting to write a good description is list all the keywords I wish to cover while trying to avoid keywords that don’t relate.  An example of a keywords that doesn’t relate here would be animal.  It would be very difficult for me to use animal to describe this as a zebra long wing butterfly which is in reality an insect.

All in all Ruth Jolly did a stunning job with this final product.  From taking the shot to development she truly reached that balance potential every photograph has.  I truly pray for the best for Ruth Jolly in the future and look forward to seeing more of her work.

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