Photograph Review: Summer Time Butterfly

Summertime Butterfly

Today’s review is of a simple subject, graceful and beautiful, yet challenging to capture. A butterfly on a flower says summertime without a doubt.

Summer Time Butterfly Poster
Summer Time Butterfly Poster by SESDesigns
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There’s lots to love about this photograph and there are a few simple development techniques that would truly make it irreplaceable. I love the color balance, the depth of field is okay, the framing needs work. The angle is suitable, however there’s too much space around the subject. The green of the plants behind the flower really help the flower and butterfly to pop, and the excessive amount of it is distracting. A tighter crop around the flower and butterfly would help. For this shot I feel the subject should take up no less than 2/3 of the whole photo.

The description while present is definitely lacking. The second sentence describing the butterfly is the most accurate for this shot, however as I’ve iterated before it is imperative to have a good description to pull your keywords from. The lack of a verbose description really limits the choice of keywords for this shot. I encourage SES Designs to try to be more verbose with descriptions. This will allow for greater choice of keywords. For example, your description suggests the following key words: photographic, print, Zazzle, butterfly, flower, summer. Fairly limited, now if you were able to include the type the butterfly, the type of flower, the geographic location, or your emotional response, how many additional keywords would you see?

I would have to rate this photograph a two out of five. I love the subject, color tones and balance. I feel there’s too much extra space around the subject. I would love to see a tighter crop around the core subject. To help this work become better seen in search engines I would encourage a description update as well. I truly enjoyed reviewing this photograph and look forward to seeing more of SES Designs work in the future.  Please update the product as opposed to deleting, because by deleting it and making a new one will void these current links to zazzle and as I want to see your visitors increase.  I wish the best for SES Designs.

As always the opinions in this post our solely my own and not meant to offend or discourage anyone. I merely strive to help and enjoy good photography.

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