Photograph Review: Bookworm by Tamarhino

Today’s review is one of photographic creativity. It goes to show that not all pictures the black and white. It’s ok to explore different vantage points and get a little creative with your composition. Today’s review is on the photograph entitled bookworm by Tamarhino.

This composition holds the key elements of wonderful photography. Color balance, tones, contrast, and framing are all in eye catching proportions. The flower framed by the book is perfectly placed. I could see this photograph complimenting any study, office, or library. The subdued emotions generated by this piece lend itself to relaxing environments.

I would have to rate this photograph a four out of five. The shadows of the flowers caused by the flash or lighting did not subtract from the beauty of this piece. The originality of this shot is as refreshing as that first cup of coffee in the morning. The description on this piece is very vague and the keywords are too few. For this piece to get recognized a broader description and more keywords from that description would help it in search engines.

I look forward to seeing more from Tamarhino in the future. As always my opinion is solely my own and may not reflect the of the photographer.

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