Photograph Review: Morning Forrest Walk

Running a bit late this morning but here is today’s photo review.



A trial in the forest, along lake, or even just in a park is one of my favorite themes. Something I learned long ago about such shots is to orient the picture based on the landscape. For example if there are numerous trees you may want to rotate your camera so your shot becomes a portrait. If you are walking along a field or a lake then a landscape shot would be your better bet.

For this shot I love the theme, however am not crazy about the orientation or blown out highlights. Excess of highlights, on this photo, take away too much of its natural beauty. If I were to rate this shot I would have to rate it at two out of five. Numerous measures could’ve been taken during the time of the shoot and even during development to help bring out that natural beauty.

To prevent excessive highlights and shadows it’s often best to use a neutral density filter or circular polarizer on your camera. If you don’t have either of these then balance the shot the best you can buy adjusting the f/stop and shutter speed. Once you have the best neutral balance you can achieve then take two more pictures, one with the shutter speed raised 3 to 5 steps, the other with the shutter speed lower from a neutral point 3 to 5 steps. Use of a tripod here would be critical to ensure you get the exact same shot three times.

What these steps do is set you up to develop an HDR photograph down the road. By having this information on the back of your mind each and every time you go out to shoot it will be prepared to capture as many varieties as you need to complete your final project. I’ve provided HDR tutorials on this site.

The description of the photograph is fair and understandable that the sunlight through the trees was the desired goal. However due to the over saturation that affect is truly being lost. By developing the photo the effect can be enhanced and truly brought to life.

A truly hope the best for riverme in all their shooting adventures and I look forward to seeing more in the future. As always this opinion is solely my own and an attempt to raise awareness on various options that are available to photographers.

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