Photo Review: A Place To Dream by Jai Johnson

Another beautiful day in store and much to do, so here is your daily review.  This is by far one of the best I’ve reviewed and it has definitely found it’s way into my favorites.


This work is absolutely stunning. From the soft detail to the gentle tones everything about this piece just works.  Shadows and reflections are perfectly balanced to give that dream effect.  The light focus on the cabin is an added touch and the overall composition perfect.  Rule of thirds was properly used and achieved and the description rich and full of what should be.  There is no wonder why Jai is a power seller at zazzle.  This work shows their passion for what they create.  Though he mentions it’s a combination of photography and art it all boils down to what I’ve been trying to get across.  The final product is the result.  This piece is no less photography than one taken straight from a camera, the only difference is the way in which it is developed to the final product.

Find your own niche and dare to do what is right for you.  Some photographers have a narrow view stating that only photos without development, retouch or processing is true photography.  It’s fine to have that opinion but understand above all else photography is as much an art form as painting and drawing.  It’s a different type of tool and medium that is used but creativity plays a part every bit as much.  So why settle for that which is not what you really want.  If you like your composition but something about the tones, emotion or overall effect is not right why not attempt something different.  You might be surprised with the end result, and that is what truly matters.

I would have to give this shot a perfect 5 out of 5.  The balance is perfect and the tone and effect is something I can stare at for hours and even days.  This work shows what can be achieved with patience, knowledge and desire and is one that will continue to demonstrate the after the camera development that really separates those truly focused on their craft from those looking for a quick and simple money making shot.  Above all else is shows the right level of passion needed for a true professional photographer.

I have seen equally beautiful shots that have not undergone the painting technique I want to emphasize that this is no less a work of beauty than those.  As always my opinions and views are my own and if I offended some of you, well that’s fine attack as you please it’s always easy to hit delete.  I will always speak my mind and if you don’t like what I write than you always have the option of not reading.  I hope as always that at least one person gains from this blog.  Take care and keep it creative and real.

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