Photograph Review: Paper Kite Butterfly by Ruth Jolly

I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been attempting to get out and get some new shots for myself but it’s not to be yet.  Weather and health just haven’t been cooperating.  Tip of the day, cherish each shooting session as if it were your last for you never know if you’ll be able to go again.  Enough self pity let’s focus on today’s review,

Paper Kite Butterfly by Ruth Jolly


I have always loved the simplistic beauty in nature and this shot reinforces that love.  Very simple and elegant.  Great detail and focus really brings this beauty to life.  I love the composition and from a technical aspect all seems great.  For me the description is lacking.  I think it’s great that Ruth Jolly took this shot but tell me a bit about it.  What drew this shot?  Was it one of convenience or one of intent?  Either way what did it stir to bring it out to public.  Don’t get me wrong this shot tells a story as every photo does.  It speaks to me of lazy days on the shore barefoot with my feet in the water fishing with nothing but nature bringing it’s subtle bliss to us.  I would have to rate this photo as a three out of five.  I love it yet feel there is something missing and can’t place my finger on it.

This shot would go well on walls were a little extra tranquility is desired.  Perhaps that room where you get away from it all or that place where you read a good book.  The only thing that may work to bring out the beauty of this piece may be bringing it to black and white.  The butterfly is already elegant in it’s formal black and white attire.  The background colors are a bit touch distracting.  Going black and white with the background and leaving the leaf she’s sitting on in color could enhance the focus.

Sometimes we get so set in our ways we are afraid to experiment with our work.  We can’t do that for if we do than after awhile our photography looses it’s appeal as our learning curve decreases.  Experimenting with your photos will help you learn new things and improve the balance and depth of your knowledge.  There is always something different that can be done and we should always be open to try new things.  Growth is what keeps the great photographers on top.

Who knows you may discover that next great technique that will be taught in institutes throughout the world.  As always the review written here is solely my opinion, good bad and indifferent and is not meant to belittle the hard work of the photographer.  Keep shooting and I look forward to seeing more.

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