Photograph Review: Chilean Tree by Judy Lunsford

I’m starting the day a bit sore but hope not to let that affect my review.  Today’s review is on the photo Chilean Tree by Judy Lunsford.


There is much to love about this shot.  It would appear to be a tone mapped or HDR photo.  I love the composition, the colors and the balance.  There is a surreal look and feel to the scene which suggests detailed development after the photo was taken.  Due to the lack of shadows I would have to speculate it’s been taken through the HDR Process and tone mapped for the surreal effect.  All in all I love the this work.  I would have to rate it a 4 out of 5.

What’s lacking on this work is a solid description it’s great that it was taken by Judy Lunsford but more detail could lead to more keywords which could lead to more traffic.  This work like all I’ve seen lately deserves to be seen and though it’s hard to write meaningful descriptions its worth it in the end with additional traffic.  Chilean Tree seems to be a suitalbe title but perhaps the actual tree type could be added to the description.  All in all well done and best of luck to you Judy Lunsford.

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