Photograph Review: Early Spring Evening At The Stream by Garyaman

Today I found myself looking at a great photo.  It’s one I want to review from a photographer I’ve seen before.   Today’s review is on Early Spring Evening At The Steam by Garyaman


There is more than a little to like from this shot.  From the compositional angle to the shutter speed this shot speaks volumes to me.  The biggest thing screaming to me is Cold Feet.  Seriously it’s a great shot with a unique perspective.  Gary has done a great job at bringing us upstream in a way that I would imagine salmon and other small animals would see, such as a through the eyes of a beaver or otter perhaps.  I love the way the upstream angle just gets lost in the forest and seems to go on forever.  The effect is very dramatic and eye catching.  It just pulls us in and doesn’t want to let go.  All the signs of a great photograph.  Color balance and lighting seem to be spot on with great focus and attention to the overall subject.  I’d have to rate this photo at a 4 out 5.

Title of the piece seems a bit long but very fitting. The description while present and slightly descriptive was pleasant to see.  More elaboration could really help get this piece out in the eyes of the public even more. Compared to a previous review on Gary I love this one 100 times more.  Great Job and I look forward to seeing more  in the future.  Keep in mind my reviews are solely my opinion.

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