Photograph Review: First Shot Of The Season

Today I’m reviewing my first real attempt at shooting this year and it was taken this past Saturday.  All in all I feel the session was more educational and let me know how rusty I am.  I hope to feel better overall this year so that I may get out and capture the photos I long for.  I will be reviewing my shot as I would anyone else’s perhaps a bit more critical on myself.

Here is the original shot straight off the camera.

Small Spring Bloom

There is plenty wrong with this shot.  Let’s start with the aparently poor exposure thus making the shot overtly dark.  Next let’s look at the framing.  The subject is centered inappropriatly and the path at the side is annoying. Overall all I would have to rank this overall shot as a 1 of 5.  The only good point is the focus is spot on with the flowers.  What could have been done at the time of shooting to improve this shot is a tighter f-stop ( as small a number as possible ) to blur out the rocks, concrete, and even lower leaf’s.  The second is adjust the shutter speed for a lighter shot, and finally a tighter crop around the blooms to take up more of the field of view.

This next shot is what I was able to come up with by developing straight in Nikon’s Software (View NX2)

Small Spring Bloom

As you can see it’s a better image all over.  It’s lighter, more pleasant and cropped to bring the blooms to the front.  Still not a shot I would consider outstanding but after development I would say it’s up to a 2 out of 5.

This final shot was developed in Photoshop 7 using the same basic techniques I used in my video on Gimp.  Just FYI I developed in Gimp as well and got the same results.

Small Spring Bloom

All in all it’s very close to the Nikon View NX2 development.  The only thing I like better than the Nikon ViewNX2 is the Overall darker tones of the leaves and how the blooms seem to pop a bit more bringing focus away from the distracting gravel and sidewalk.  Still at best a 2 out of 5.  Nothing to write home about or rave.  I’ll hold onto it incase I see something in the future I did not see today.


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