Inspirational: Simple Bud

Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I have been out to shoot some photography.  I found that I am more than a bit rusty so expect me to share my mistakes and see me criticize my own shots in the near future.  Here is  a shot that actually worked.  It reminded me even when I feel worn down and lacking that a new day can bring new opportunities and thus faith should drive us forward.  What do you see in this piece?


Though the shot itself appears simple in design It would be more than lacking without the motivation poem or some text on the right side.  There was a vast amount of space that needed something.  That’s when the inspiration hit me to write the poem.  While I did jazz up the title a bit, I kept the text easy to read.  That after all is the whole point sometimes when adding text to an image we attempt to get too creative and the simple path can be the best choice.

A Simple Bud 8x10 zazzle_print
A Simple Bud 8×10 by klormand
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