Basic Photo Development with Gimp

It was high time to get more with modern tutorials by making a video tutorial. I am proud to share with you my first video tutorial. As with everything I will get better with practice and as I go along. This does not mean I will no longer provide the typed out tutorials as I know I almost prefer those myself. I will continue to provide them as well.  This tutorial covers basic photo development with Gimp.  Underneath the video is the tutorial.  I hope many will find this tutorial beneficial and useful.



The tutorial will walk through the process of developing the image below.

Path Through Trees Original

I have already written a tutorial covering basics with Gimp.  The process in the video is Identical to:

Photography Development Using Gimp Day 1:   Covers Gimp installation and some basics.

Photography Development Using Gimp Day 2: The actual photo development process used in the video just with a different photograph.

The final result from the video is:

Path Through Trees Basic Gimp Development

Thank you and have a great day. 😀




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