Eighty and Busy

It has been an early spring.  for the past couple of weeks the temps here in central Illinois has been unseasonably warm.  I haven’t been able to get out and photograph any blooms.  I’ve been busy working in the yard the best my body will let me to include draining and repairing our pond.  It took 4 days in all but is cycling now and I look forward to getting fish back into it in four weeks.  I also installed a fountain and light.  It looks sharp at night here are some quick snaps I took.

The shots are not the best just some quick eye candy and until I get use to the new temps progress on some things will be a bit slow.  I do have a few projects in the works.  I am working to create a video tutorial for basic development, and working on a digital art project in Hexagon, Bryce and Daz Studio to create 3D models.  As I’m still learning the programs progress is a bit slow.  I will also hope to attend some car shows here locally and get photographs of good old fashioned American Muscle.  That will be the title for my Digital Project just to give you a hint.  I’m starting with a 68 Camaro,  My better half’s first car.

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