Photograph Review: plitvice wooden path by Asyrum

It’s been a busy few days that have kept me away.  It feels good to be able to be busy and have minimal health issues.  That aside todays review is plitvice wooden path by Asyrum. Let’s get it started shall we.



What I like is the overall composition it speaks tails of history and volumes of the local culture.  Color tones are accurate but flat and the washout at the end of the path is distracting.  There is a ton of potential for this shot and it could be one that could make itself known with a little bit more attention to post development particularly HDR.  It’s another shot that if multiple shots were taken with a Tripod, +2EV to -2EV a commonly used bracket range, the overall result could be stunning it would just take a bit of development.  This shot could be very tranquil, soothing, and appealing.  The bracket range would allow the capture of all detail that is currently lost in highlight and detail lost in shadow.  You need not have an SLR to HDR a photo.  It can be accomplished with point and shoot camera’s as well.  All it requires is the ability to tripod mount the camera and specify the EV settings.  The broader the range on the EV the more and better quality of the detail you’ll be able to capture.

I looked at the description hoping to learn more about the location or the the photographers take on the place or the shot and what I found was an add for business cards.  This really takes away for me, as that has nothing to do with the piece of work I am currently looking at.  It’s like going to a store to buy food and when looking for the nutritional value label you see a coupon for lawn fertilizer instead.  It does nothing to help sell me the product.

As for my overall rating I’m afraid personally I’d have to go low on this one as the only positives were good composition and accurate color.  The negatives of the highlighting problem and overall flat colors compiled with the advertisement description leaves me  to have no choice but to rate this work as a 3.

The biggest reason I choose this work is because I see the opportunity for so much potential and it contains a lot of the same things I see in many photographs on the Internet and it’s posted for sale.  Every piece I review is posted for sale and I know many people want to sell their work I encourage that and only want to offer some tips to help the photographers out there be successful.

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