Photograph Review: Lazy Lane by Gayle Anderson

Hey hey second day feeling better still.  We have a good photo to review today it’s Lazy Lane by Gayle Anderson of store Whimsicals.


This shot is of a very common theme and could speak any amount of volumes.  While the theme itself is common every time I see it I see things that could have been done to enhance the unique impact of the moment.  First thing I noticed about this shot is the over saturation on the right hand side.   While the road in front is the focus the harsh light just drew my attention right there.  One thing I’ve noticed is that harsh lighting gives any effect but that of a lazy day.  The overall framing and focus of the shot is great the only issue I have is with the lighting.

That was until I looked down at the non existent description.  I know how hard writing a captivating and compelling description is, but I can’t emphasize the importance enough.  All in all I would have to give this photograph a 6 out of 10 due to the lighting issue.

The lose of detail due to excessive highlighting is hard to recover.  The quick solution to taking this shot is the use of a neutral density filter which can be applied to any SLR and many point and shoots that have threads on their lens’s.  Using a camera’s auto program feature is great but can often lead to this  type of shot.  Switching to manual and playing with the f/stop and shutter speed to get the right balance is invaluable here.  Another solution would be to HDR the shot by using an auto bracketing from -2EV to +2EV.  Make certain a tripod is in use.  The HDR would allow you to balance the shot so the details you want are available and you can take your time to get the brightness and contrast perfect for you.

Here are two examples from my collection to show the difference between an excited shot and one that is a bit more easy going or peaceful, and both of which are HDR using the methods I described in my HDR Tutorial.  The first shot is Sunset At The Lake.  This shot while not having a great description seemed to fall seamless into that peaceful state and would be great for a location where people like to just relax and calm down after a harsh day.  The tones are soothing and calm.  The second is Burning Sunset Fire and it speaks and calls to the excitement of the viewer.  The colors combine to bring a new intensity to the scene.  Also this second example has a much better description.  The colors and excitement of the shot would lend well to any area where fast paced business is expected.  It’s been proven that colors in a surrounding amplify or dampen the mood of the environment.  Thus most businesses prefer to have the more excitable reds and oranges than the dampening blues and greens.

Well I’ve rambled enough today.  Bottom line I love the creativity and potential of the shot and pray for the best for Gayle.  Please keep in mind all opinions stated here are solely my own.  Thank you all and have a great day.

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