Photograph Review: White Heron by Craig Stronner

I need to apologize to all my followers, as I have been down for some time with a bit of pain.  I’m back and hope to bring many more reviews and perhaps some fairly good digital renderings.  The shot of the day is an elegent White Heron brought to us by Craig Stronner.


There is much to love about the shot.  There Heron is perfectly framed and focused.  The balance and natural contrast of the scene is perfect for me.  Though deep shadow do exist, it doesn’t overwhelm the shot.   The focus of the shot is spot on and should capture the attention of many enthusiasts.

This shot speaks volumes and while the description is vague, this shot has found it’s way into my favorites and likes.  The description speaks more of the photographer not the subject or shot.  This piece has a lot it could be saying it’s all up to the interpretation of the viewer.  I see the day to day struggle of man as the white heron slowly and steadly progresses up the tree.  Another view and I get the impression of the lost purity in the world that is slowly swallowed in struggle.  My intrepretations and opinions are solely my own.

A solid description is as important as the shot itslef and I hope.  I have photographs where my descriptions are not up to par such as: Sunset At The Lake.  The description on this shot does not give it justice.  It’s very vague and unappealing.  Stepping Stones has a better description but it is something I still need to work on.  It’s a very dry and direct description when perhaps I should be allowing a bit more interpretation.  I really need to go back over my other photographs and then return to these two in about a week to update these.

Well after getting off track a bit I would have to rate this photo at 10 of 10.  It has the perfect balance and characteristics of great photography.  Well done Craig and I look forward to seeing more of your work.  Best of luck in all your ventures.


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