Photograph Review: Winter Waterfalls

As it is still winter and we finally had a bit of snow here, I felt this shot was a perfect candidate for today’s review.  The photograph work is entitled Winter Waterfalls by garyaman.


This shot screams hot coffee and cold days.  The dried brush on the right side is a distracting from the icy falls.  From a composition standpoint moving what I believe is the focus, the waterfalls, to the right of the frame it would open the shot up to a less cluttered view.  The shot of the falls itself is well taken with good shutter speed control.  The snow is a bit washed out and that is difficult to prevent as snow in and of itself is white.  A neutral density filter may have helped along with creating that perfect HDR shot with tripod and -2 to +2 EV Raw images.  The HDR effect on this shot would help keep the data from the snow and remove some of the background shadow around the falls.  The overall effect would only help bring the detail more to light.

I was happy to see a description on this shot, though not very elaborate at least one was there.  I can’t emphasize enough how getting involved with your photographs means touching and honestly interpreting them yourselves.  If you never take the time to interpret your own shots who will.  Someone who will stop and  interpret a photograph is a potential customer.  Even though that sounds so simple it is far to often something that is forgotten in the photography field.  The best works I see were criticized though the photographers interpretation from initial composition and setup to final development.  It shows in the final product.

This scene could speak volumes more than what it does to me.  For my rating of this photo I would have to give it a 5 out of 10.  The distraction of the brush on the right is a bit out of context.  It appears the scene opens on the left, and thus switching to portrait and adjusting the angle of the shot to frame the falls and water on the right side of the shot could provide a more viable angle that would keep the viewer in this winter wonderland longer.  While extreme highlights are common in snow scenes if found in excess it can take away from the natural beauty of the photograph.  My initial captivation with this piece was rapidly lost on deeper review.  Keep in mind this is solely my opinion and I provide it openly and honestly for a good eye was used in finding this shot and only through open personal evaluation will growth be encouraged.  I look forward to seeing what garyaman brings forward in the future.

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