Photography Review: A Piece Of New Hampshire

I stumbled across this photo and loved it’s historical and abandoned statement.  The title of the piece is A Piece Of New Hampshire by TerminalJuncture.


This abandoned run down barn is a tribute to what would appear 50’s America.  The lack of foliage tells me this shot was taken in late autumn, early winter as there is no snow on the ground.  The angle and perspective was captured wonderfully and the overall balance is perfect.  Almost too much sun but it more or less worked for this shot.  I would love to see it late afternoon, early evening with slow shutter and long shadows.  I believe that would help the overall emotion of this shot.

This rustic look at our countries past makes leaves a slightly heavy feeling of emotion within me.  It’s a statement that through struggles and years it still stands and yet needs so much work to function flawless again.  Seems to me that it’s very appropriate given our countries current state.  This shot is inspiring that our country will be around for some time to come.  We as a nation and in particular our politicians, need to get their hands dirty and start restoring our nation back to it’s former glory.  Like this barn it will take a bit of hard work, and sacrifice yet it is something that can be accomplished.

I still feel the long shadows of late afternoon could really add to this shot.  All it all I would have to rate this rustic piece a solid 8 out of 10.  The emotion is there, just looking for a bigger outlet.  Below is some other work by TerminalJuncture.  Keep in mind all statements here are my sole opinion and may not agree with those of the photographer.

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