Return From The Holidays

After a long holiday season wherein time consistently escaped my grasp I am back.  I was unable to get very many shots due to a variety of reasons health and climate being two of them.  I did indulge in drawing and that brings me to today’s post.  While I know it’s not gallery quality I am happy with the outcome and am encouraged to possibly post more as I grow in the artist realm.  My first priority is still photography when I’m able. Click For Larger View.


This is a fond member of our family, Teddy, our shih tzu.  He is a great dog and puppy and has a habit of finding my lap when I’m not feeling well.  I may not be as sentimental as most but this shih tzu has a way of making you feel better.  He is very smart, for a dog and perhaps some people I know.  Teddy seems to have an innate ability to bring out the best of everyone in the family.

This painting was entirely created on the iPad.  It started as a simple sketch utilising sketchbook express.  From there I brought it into Inspire Pro to create the final painting, both of which are available for download from iTunes App store.  I know it sounds silly but this was fun and simple.  While I know it’s not print quality size it was still fun to create.  I have installed MyPaint in both Linux and windows and will will be attempting to create more works of art either by sketch or painting.

I apologise for the long time with no new posts I hope to get back on track and start sharing and reviewing photography again.  If you ever have a request I will always listen though understand I may not be able to accept the challenge.

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. – Socrates



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