Photograph Review: Manoa Valley To Waikiki


What caused me to pause on this photo and take a closer look is the city scape in the distance.  It almost reminded me of looking down on El Paso, Tx.  Since I paused to look closer I figure this shot is well worth a review.  Keep in mind this review is solely my opinion, right wrong or indifferent.

by JoeyArtist

Manoa Valley To Waikiki by JoeyArtist


There is something to be said for far of shots of cities, they almost always draw people in.  This shot by JoeyArtist is no exception.  It drew me in as it reminded me of my home town, El Paso Texas.  As I allow my self to travel down the mountain and into the city I do notice the for ground is very distracting at the angle this shot was taken and distracts from the city below.  The angle leaves the ocean and sky as merging into one leaving the ocean hardly distinct.  A varying angle or taking this shot at sunrise or sunset would have helped to distinguish the sky and water.  The overall framing of the city between the hills was good and helped to frame the city.  The description on this shot was not effective.  While I’ll admit guilt in the impatience to get a shot that I often overlook the basic Why am I taking this shot and What is the best way to convey the story I want to tell.  Mystery is best left for writers while the stories of photographs should be as concise as possible.

All that being said I would have to rate this photo at a 4 out of 10.  Joey I love the concept and you have considerable opportunity to really have a stunning shot here.  If I may suggest taking the shot at a different time of day with Tripod and from differentiating angles.  This will give you a variety to choose the best one for the story you are trying to tell here.  As a personal note a night shot of this scene may give it a unique quality and tone it would have to be done with slow shutter speed and tripod but the reward of an outstanding shot will far out weigh the challenges to obtain it.  I wish you the best of success and keep that  shutter working.


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