Burning Sunset


This High Contrast HDR Digital Photograph shows a true beauty of a fiery sunset that is rare to experience. Feel the fire of the sun come to life with in this semi-gloss print. Experience a burning sunset unlike anything you may have seen before. Sunset can be a time of reflection and beauty. Colors normally not seen make themselves present in unique and alarming ways and can create a new view on the world around. Feel the personal message of this fire burning sunset as it speaks to you in ways different than it will anyone else. This print will make a great item for that deep thinker in your life. Emotions are conjured by our environment and the colors and scenes around. Let this print help you escape into a reality you’ve yet to realize.

Mouse Pad:
Burning sunset is a vivid creation that has burned it’s fiery sunset rays into the memories of many viewers and can now revitalize any work area as a mouse pad.  Mouse pads wear out and break down over time yet subconsciously can have a great impact on our work performance.  Dull dreary scenery at work leads to dull dreary performance.  Studies have shown that an effective work environment is one that contains art and color.  Spicing up with this vibrant passionate photo mouse pad would add great color and emotion to any work area.  Replace that worn or old mouse pad today for a change of pace that could lead to the next great goal of any professional career.

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