Lakeside Bloom

[singlepic id=239 w=320 h=240 float=left] This past memorial day was very good as I was able to actually walk all the way around the lake without too much difficulty even though I knew and did pay for it after it was all well worth it.  There was this purple bloom around the lake near the shores that kept catching my eye and it was that bloom that drew me into this shot.  The composition just seemed to unfold itself for me bringing this project to life.  The sun was hot and I was tired but am glad I was able to stick it out for this capture, original shown left.  For a little background this project was part of my outing on Memorial Day, May 30, 2011 at Weldon Springs State Park in Clinton Illinois.

Going that extra mile for the shot that you don’t even know will be there is always a thrill.  As long as you are optimistic and keeping your mind broad you will usually find something to shoot that will catch your eye in some way.  I was looking for more Eastern Daisy Fleabane or Senecio and while I saw some they just didn’t call to me the way this purple bloom did.  It was following through on that eye catching opportunity that brought this project to life.

[singlepic id=240 w=320 h=240 float=right] I first ran this photo through Qtpfsgui for tone mapping however felt that I may be going over kill.  I started through the process and was not satisified with the direction it was taking so it never found that final stage in the Gimp.  I will have to go back and explore some of the many options available in Qtpfsgui to see what I can do.  For now I felt with as well balanced the original was that I would be able to go straight to the Gimp for development and that is what I did.  I started with +/- EV’s to attempt a gimp HDR however quickly found that the resulting image took too much shadow away and left a rather odd looking photo with everything in light.  Duh that is what the HDR process does and for this image it just didn’t look right.  I next took a critical step back and just did a basic Gimp Development as per my tutorial.  The resulting product is the image presented here, stunning and full of vibrant life, color and balance.  Just goes to show that when everything is not there for the shot you expect keep your options and eyes open.  Leave yourself suggestive to something that may catch your eye however unexpected.

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