Stepping Stones

[singlepic id=235 w=320 h=240 float=left] There is something that seems to be desired by many and that is walk on stepping stones.  Weldon Springs State Park in Clinton Illinois allows this dream to come true.  These stones raise a traveler above the mud and muck that seems to usually settle along this part of the trail around the lake.  The original shot to the left was taken mid afternoon with Nikon D60 and one tired photographer on May 30, 2011.

I always feel that as individuals we need to continue to walk to or strive for something.  Be it small or large we must keep moving on.  These stones seamed to speak to me of journeys that have been great for many people and those that have yet to unfold.  You never know what awaits the end of the trail just keep moving on one stone at a time.  The journey to your destination should be never ending for your final destination is not something that you know of yourself in most cases.

[singlepic id=236 w=320 h=240 float=right] Let us interrupt these random thoughts to bring you the final product.  This was run through Qtpfsgui and finished up with the Gimp.  The texture and sharpening in Qtpfsgui really added the character I was looking for.  The journeys we take through life are wrought with pits, dips, and challenges.  Your stride must adjust for the space between the stones less you get stuck and mired in that which is far from your goal.  Distractions are all around and only through a sharp focus will we reach that destination.

The final touches performed in the Gimp were small and minor.  A touch up on levels and curves and a dash of more saturation and there we have it the recipe for our stepping stones.  Take your time and place each foot solidly on the ground for there is no race to end in your future.  Enjoy your journey and let each step unveil mysteries never before seen or experienced.  Let your journey through life guide you through all else until what truly matters to you is all that remains.

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