Little Robin

[singlepic id=232 w=320 h=240 float=left] What better way to start my shoot on Memorial day than to come across a graceful North American Robin.  Original image left shot with Nikon D60, it was a bright sunny day and I hadn’t fine tuned any settings or even put on a polarizer or neutral density filter to reduce glare and compensate for the overtly bright conditions.  During the first trip around the lake that day I was scouting for the best places to get landscape shots later in the day and during sunset.  I was able to capture not only a few landscapes in full light I was able to capture a bit of wild life along the way.

[singlepic id=231 w=320 h=240 float=right] The harsh light of a full midday sun made capturing the right shots a challenge.  It is the absolute worst time to be shooting which is why I mostly like to walk around and scout for good areas to camp in late afternoon to early evening.  Still you have to be ready for those unexpected shots that present themselves.  This American Robin of the Thrush family was out in full color as I started my journey.  I think it was a sign of a good day to have been greeted by this songbird.  The Nikon D60 was able to pick him up in full color even though I was not fully prepared.  The final development shown right was completed using the Gimp.  As with most wildlife capturing three shots at various EV is virtually impossible as most animals will move in some way in mid shoot.

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