Fleabane Flower

[singlepic id=230 w=320 h=240 float=left] The simplest of flowers can breath beauty and fragrance to the world.  Far from simple it is one of natures grandest gifts.  This Eastern Daisy Fleabane of the Astereae is a prime example.  The original shot left was taken at Weldon Springs State Park near Clinton Illinois with Nikon D60.  I am always on the look out for flower shots and compositions.  While I love this shot it would have been better and more successful with a shallower depth of field.  This way the background would have been blurred to unrecognizable proportions.  This also would have been made easier using a zoom lens vs. the wide angle I used.  It was a day of experimenting and learning my equipment a bit more.  Still I am happy with this over composition and shot.

[singlepic id=229 w=320 h=240 float=right] The final result was produced by combining three images, balanced, over exposed, and under exposed to create that final HDR result.  The HDR process was completed solely in the Gimp.  While I am still fond of Qtpfsgui, sometimes I love the simplicity and ease of use with the Gimp.  Not to mention for this project it suited my needs perfectly.  Many would argue that using Gimp or Photoshop to develop HDR images is too complex.  I fully disagree.  As long as your reference photos are taken with a Tripod aligning and developing the final product can be relatively easy as shown here.  I already have a tutorial for Qtpfsgui and it looks like I may have to complete one solely for Gimp HDR alone.  I love the recovery of vivid color, and detail that HDR brought out in this project.

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