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[singlepic id=225 w=320 h=240 float=left] One of my favorite scenes is looking across the lake at Weldon Springs Park at the Veterans Memorial.  On yesterday it was the sight having been decorated with numerous American Flags throughout the monuments.  It was an overcast day that both added to the challenge of capturing that wow shot and added to the overall atmosphere and tone of the final.  The original shot left was rather dark,  this was a true HDR of five different shots at different EV’s.  A tripod was used to eliminate hand differences and make aligning the picture virtually effortless.

[singlepic id=224 w=320 h=240 float=right] The final image shown right shows what HDR is all about, combining those five shots to create a single well balanced image.  I created the HDR using Qtpfsgui and performed final development utilizing The Gimp on Ubuntu Linux.  I was pleasantly pleased with the final result which used the over cast skies to help set the somber feel for the up coming Memorial Day holiday.  It was as if Mother Nature herself was demanding a moment in silence for all those whom has and those whom still selflessly served this country the beliefs on which it was founded.  The core of our culture is defined by what we believe in and the level of support and pride we have in those whom serve.  Say thank you to military personal, or vets you come across this weekend.  Let them know how much our different our lives would be without them.

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