Across The Lake

[singlepic id=211 w=320 h=240 float=left]I have had this beauty in my arsenal awaiting the time for me to develop the right technique to bring it to life. I love the dock and stairs across the lake. It’s so symbolic of the never ending journey we all face, life itself. The steps may appear rickety and scary but nonetheless they are what we have been given and will hold the weight we bear. A little faith and a little courage will find you bounding up those steps to embrace what comes next. In life each challenge and scene we face is for us to learn and grow. The day we stop growing and learning is the day we have returned to the earth to provide growth and birth to natures gifts.

[singlepic id=210 w=320 h=240 float=right] This photo was processed using the tools in the last tutorial I posted.  This is actually a single original image that has been tone mapped.  The tone mapping brought out details that in the original seemed plain.  I love the small dock and steps across the water and how the trunks of the trees seemed to take on a whole new character.   What awaits the top the stairs is all dependent on you.  I know not what awaits me but I know that I’m eager to reach the top and see the world beyond.  May tomorrow bring a better and brighter day for all.  Have an enjoyable Monday and let these stairs help to carry you through the day.

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