Photography In Bloomington IL

While small and hometown in nature, Bloomington Illinois has some beautiful locations to offer for photographic creations.  I felt I should take the time and share where I go to get the some great shots while not traveling far from home.  The first place that comes to mind is the Miller Park Zoo.  The animals and landscaping make it possible to get some exquisite and unique animal poses and flora.  While not offering much in the way of landscape photography there is some opportunity.  As the Zoo has an almost rustic feel with it’s lamp posts, and small carousel for the kids.  Scattered throughout the grounds are metal sculptures of various animals.  Here are a few shots I’ve managed to obtain at Miller Park Zoo.

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While at the zoo you may want to walk around the Miller Park area it self.  There is almost always goose and other water fowl enjoying the plentiful water and a few landscape shots to be had with it’s high arch bridges.  While I’ve not visited the park itself recently since my last equipment upgrade I look forward to getting back out there early to mid spring.  When I do I’ll update this entry with some of it’s glory.  The park itself is a great place to have a picnic and spend the day with family.  It offers a water park for the young kids, a playground, and a Frisbee golf setup area while still offering up some good locations for sunrise, sunset, early and late day photography.  Pack a lunch and make the zoo and park a full day event to take full advantage of the photographic opportunities.

Every downtown area has architecture unique to the town.  Bloomington/Normal is no exception and offers some great looking architecture.  While I’ve not been able to be healthy enough to really walk the streets and take advantage I always look forward to the year when I will be able to.

The Constitution Trail that can be found at many locations throughout the city offers up some good scenery as you walk along.  The two locations I love the best is the trail across from State Farm Corporate South and another location on 9 Past Wal-Mart and just after Mitsubishi Motorway on the left.  Parking for the second location is easy to miss so keep your eyes open.  Here is my favorite photo from the trail near State Farm.

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These are just a few of the locations I’ve found over the years to really enjoy photography.  I hope many others find this information beneficial, good luck and enjoy your photography.  I will be covering other locations in the future such as Weldon Springs, Wild Life Prairie, and Evergreen Lake in the future.

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